Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quick To ASSume!

I don't know that I specifically said it was the boys who spilled the paint. I was quick to assume it was them. A day later I spoke to the boys about the incident, and they informed me it was a sister that caused the paint to spill.

Said sister wanted them to get down from the scaffolding. They would not listen, so she shook it to scare them into coming down (my boys don't scare easily). They didn't come down, but the paint sure did.

Pictured is our carpet forever ruined, the paint can, some handy artwork found in the gameroom, and today's mess in our storage pantry.


The Davis Diaries said...

TOTALLY with you on the assuming thing Sabra! Any sign of mess or trouble and I start to yell Wesley's name! Till once his sweet voice said, "I'm just reading a book mommy". I felt terrible! And Bobby- what a good guy to clean it up!

Chredna said...

I totally didn't believe the boys when they were telling me it was Sydney either! Tiny almost was in tears when I kept saying...."Are you sure it was Sydney?" I'm sure Syd was MORTIFIED!