Monday, October 25, 2010

This Is A Joke, Right?

My sister, Katie Kat, and her awesome friend, Robert, were perusing a new bookstore today and found this little treasure.

She of course, texted me a photo of it right away.

Unbelievable on so many levels was my response.

1. Who needs Cliffs Notes for a Nicholas Sparks' book?

2. This little, yellow book means professors and teachers out there are requiring a Nicholas Sparks' book to be read for their classes.

3. There is actually a teacher's guide to go along with this gem. Unreal.

4. I am floored that someone has the audacity to shelf this yellow book along side truly great Cliffs such as Jane Eyre, The Good Earth, Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird.

5. I especially love the photo featured of Slick Nicky right on the front cover. That is sure to sell some copies.

Thanks for the smiles Kat and Robert!


Just Joan said...

I wish I could leave a pic as a comment. She sent me a pic of a book. It was one of those Dick and Jane books, hilarious. Dick and Jane and Vampires. The cover is ridiculous...a vamp chasing Dick and Jane.

canewton42 said...

OMGosh, Sab! That made me think of back when I worked at the paper in New Bern before little Kent was born, and I did book reviews sometimes. I did a Nicholas Sparks book, which I didn't like (I can remember actually rolling my eyes while I was reading it). And, him being from North Carolina, he had a lot of local fans. So, boy did I catch heck for that review!

Katie Kat said...

Still lmao! Anything to get them to read I guess...actually, I'd just watch the movie. Ryan Gosling is pretty cute! Friggin hysterical.

Sparcam said...

I like his books as a "light" read, but cliff notes? Standards have really been lowered.

Sparcam said...

Oh, and Joan? The vampire chasing Dick and Jane is hilarious!

Laydee said...

i almost fell off the bed laughing.