Friday, October 1, 2010

You Are Your Mother?

These jars above equal one box of pears fresh from Oregon. We did three boxes total. This was my cut/share. Mom finished the job without me.

Mom & Sabe!

I often find myself doing and saying things my mom says or does. It's not as frequent for me as Joan, but it does happen. I won't get specific, but I don't mind turning into my mom. She's a great lady, and from what I can tell...She is turning into her mother, so we are all headed in the right direction.

I was feeling ambitious and ordered a box of pears. I saw they were starting to go bad and started to panic inside. Like my mother, I hate to see fresh fruit go to waste (hence the frequent banana bread and smoothies in our house). Luckily, my mom called me in the same predicament. These pears were not going to last the weekend. Good thing Mom is a canning master. I was but the learner, and I am not yet a master, but I'm working on it.

We canned pears, pear jam, and even a little pear syrup by mistake.

Thanks, Mom!

P.S. Dad helped. He peeled and took some pictures for us.
P.S.S. Yes, that is a fabulous apron, thanks to Nic.


Katie Kat said...

Cute Post & Cute Pic!!

Wendy said...

Your mother is the Queen of canning! I love the picture!

canewton42 said...

You look stunning, Sab!

mrs t said...

I totally want to learn how to can fruit! And where in the world did you order pears from? Where they cheap?

franksgirl said...

I just opened the very last jar of the coveted jam you gave me sometime ago. I have truly enjoyed them thanks again.