Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kindness Makes A Difference!

Fuddle Tattoo (and muscle arm trick)

Ice Skating (one RV student was doing spins-amazing for first try)

On Saturday, Katie and I had the opportunity to attend Kindness Makes A Difference Day. I am the liaison for Rancho Viejo, so I had eight students attend. I asked four different teachers to select two students they felt were in need of kindness. This year was different for me than last year because they weren't "MY" students. It was still a wonderful, humbling experience, but I only cried once instead of eighty times.

K.I.D.S. is a local non-profit that brings kindness to children around the Yuma area. They are also the people behind the cuddle kits received by children in the pediatric unit at the hospital.

www.cuddlekit.org (live link not working)

My students and probably around 160 others had their faces painted, hair done, ice skated, snacked, chose a gift for a loved one, wrapped the gift, walked through The Christmas Village (each building had an activity) and met with Fuddle (mascot) for a photo. The cherry on top was Santa arriving with hundreds of gifts for these awesome kids.

A couple of my students are saving their wrapped gifts from Santa for Christmas because these will most likely be the only gifts they receive.

I wish I could have taken the entire Rancho Viejo population. They all deserve an experience like I had Saturday. I bet I benefited more than the students.

As I professed last year, "Kindness truly does make a difference."


Finally Finlay said...

WOW! How exciting!!!! Great photo! (And excellent job Bobby)

Kimmy said...

You're awesome Sabe! What a blessing you are to so so many!!