Sunday, December 19, 2010

Keep the Sabbath Day Holy.

In church today we had a lesson on keeping the sabbath day holy. It was a nice reminder for me. It is one of the ten commandments, and I walked out of the building with a renewed commitment to try and better observe this special day of the week. Here is what I see upon my exit:

How am I doing in my run for mother of the year?

Please note the hobo gloves he wore all day after he stole them from Grandma Pat.


Megan said...

You're doing great in your quest for MOTY!

You've obviously taught your son that the best way to appreciate one of God's creations is to climb up in it!

Sometimes a little change in perspecive, like from the branches of a tree, is all we need. ;)


Exactly what Megan said... too funny. Merry Christmas!

Kimmy said...

Seriously AWESOME!
Im surprised my boys werent up there with him! Oh wait- they dont know how to climb can one be a boy and not know how to climb a tree?
Hope you guys had a GREAT Christmas!!!