Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Just Joan and Katie Kat in Baltimore at the harbor.

Joan and I showing off our Lumberjack pride at Edgar Allen Poe's grave. We love you Z!!!

Coral reef made from yarn...crochet...Picture for you, Megan Hall! This is featured at The Museum of Natural History.

Just a small piece of The Library of Congress. WOW!!!

Dinner at Chang's. Thank you, Janie.

My sisters and I have this dream of a yearly sisters' retreat. It has only happened once.

This year for Christmas Bobby bought me a plane ticket to see Joan in Columbia, Maryland. Katie was able to go, too! Three out of four isn't too bad.

We spent a day in D.C., a day in Baltimore, and a day in Joan's apartment.

Very relaxing.

Thank you, Bob!

Missed you, Kellumbus. One day we will all be together again...We might be grandmas by then, but we'll do it for sure. Maybe Zac and Adri can come by then and push us around in our wheelchairs.


Megan said...

Freak out! YARN ART!!!
Thanks for the picture! How fun to have a sisterly trip~it sounds lovely.