Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Z's Visit!

When you are fifteen years older than your baby brother the relationship is quite different than that of a typical brother and sister. I went away to college when he was three. He knew me through the phone, and he isn't much of a talker...especially over the phone. One day I called to check in. I had called him "Duke" from the day he was born (middle name and an honored family name). My four year old brother answered, and I said very excitedly, "Hi, Duke!"

He responded, "My name's not Duke. It's Zac."

This was the most he'd really ever spoken to me over the phone, and it was clear to me I didn't know him the way I thought I did.

I was busy going to school, getting married, and having kids while he was occupied with growing up, playing ball, and finding a very special girlfriend. Our lives have just been in two different playing fields.

This week Zac came home for spring break, and he came over a few times and hung out. He is an adult now, and I see that our playing fields are now in the same complex. We are not on the same field, and we are certainly not in the same game, but it's something, and I'll take it!

I love you, Z! I'm so proud of you. Hang in there.


Just Joan said...

I am so glad you guys had time together. I miss him and nita...and home :(

Katie Kat said...

Cute pics! I'm sure it was great to have him home for a few days :)