Friday, May 30, 2008

Just Joan!

I posted on Z's graduation, so now I feel guilty for not posting something about Joan's college graduation. I'm so proud of my baby sissy! She did it, and she did it in four years! I did it, but it took me...Well, at least I did it, right? Who's counting? I think my parents counted. They lost interest by the time I finally graduated, but this post isn't about me. It's about my brilliant, hard working sister, Joan! She's on to grad school this fall, and I'm proud of her for all of her accomplishments! Love you, Just Joan!


PEHNelson said...

It seems like just yesterday she was in Primary and then she was a junior when I did Choralairs with her. Now she is graduating college!! holy cow!

Laydee said...

hey is "just joan" with the stage hands?? :)I lu joanie.

Tina said...

Straight on to grad school....impressive! (It took me about six years for my undergrad, and six more for the M)