Thursday, October 9, 2008

Childhood Memories!

I thought it would be so fun to list ten childhood memories. I didn't say they had to be happy...Just memorable! These are in no particular order. In fact, they are quite random, but they are all pre-high school. High school memories might come another day. Remember Zac wasn't born, yet, and Joan had just arrived.

As pictured above we are playing Beastie Girls! We would pretend to be the female version of the Beastie Boys and make pretend music videos! "I'm Mike D, and I get respect!" Even Joanie!

Driving across country and making music videos in the van with my sisters. The most memorable artist would have to be Billy Joel! I was always Christie Lee! Katie would be Billy Joel, and then Kelly could pick an air instrument to play (Sorry, Kellumbus.).

Making up "routines" on the back patio with Katie and Kelly. We would rock out to Wham and create endless dance routines. Hysterical. I later taught my younger cousins some similar dance moves!

Meadow Girls was a favorite for the three of us older girls. We would pretend we were three orphaned sisters living in the meadow just living off the land. Hours and hours went into creating or shelters and meals.

Picking apricots for hours before the sun came up, and then we'd head in to town and sell them to FedMart (now Staples on 16th). Remember FedMart, anyone? This would be our "fun" money. Really, I have many memories of creative ways to earn money from Dad. The summer of book reports and laps in the pool for sale!

Mom dressing up Asian and preparing Chinese food for us in a wok and everything! She served us wearing a kimono and a black wig with chopsticks in her hair. We would have to use chopsticks! Maybe this is where my obsession with everything Asian began? She would put so much work and energy into feeding us, and I now appreciate it. Other than the liver, I apologize for any rude comments, Mom!

Dad making bets with us! A song would come on the radio, and he would bet us usually $50.00 that we didn't know who sang it. I remember Bat Out Of Hell came on, and he challenged me! I responded correctly with, "Meatloaf!" I never saw the money, but the winning was in the look of disbelief on his face when his years of teaching us about music was starting to pay off!

Playing in those huge wooden boxes with Dee and Ralph! HOURS! Why did the temperature never seem to matter back then? We would also float down the river, run the packing shed, and ride bikes. Cousins and siblings were just about all you had in Bard.

Anything with the Durham family was great. It was just cool to see how other families lived. I always felt included, and that was very important and special to me. My favorite Durham memory would have to be Annette having to hunt down her birthday present using clues and her party friends. She found a Cabbage Patch Kid! I will remember all of Annette's special pets and Tamy's outrageously long hair!

Learning to drive with my Grandma Evelyn! Any time with Grandma Evelyn was special, but her teaching me to drive on those dusty roads of Bard, CA tops them all!

The memories could go on and on, but we limited it to ten. I might edit this a hundred times before the day is over!


megan said...

Ha!! Billy Joel was a family favorite as well!
I thought it was "yellow mart" or did fedmart have a big yellow entrance?

Just Joan said...

Wow you remembered so many I actually paid up to me on two of his bets...and I never knew mom would dress up to serve Asian food...I will agree then that this is definitely where I get the feeling I was Asian in a past life.

Laydee said...

yeah... i remember being taught to 'rock out'...but i think we were only lame enough to get ALABAMA routines recorded... and your right about the temp not being noticed...we'd be outside ALL day long!! Long live hose wars!

Stephanie said...

I love all your memories. You always had a good memory.

Kimmy said...

Sounds like good times. I love that your mom went all out for Chinese food. Awesome.!

PEHNelson said...

FEDMART!! Holy Crap! that was one one where staples is right?!?!? We should blog about stores in yuma that are no longer Anthony's, 579, Clothestime, and BEST (what was it before?)and Alpha Beta, and the other supermarket where Hastings is at?

Tina said...

Fun memories!

I remember playing outside all day also. Things seem so different now.

brenda said...

Hi Sabra,

I enjoyed reading your memories!
Wow, what fun! I wished our kids had more freedom in being outside and strolling the neighborhood!

I do owe you a big "Thank You" for your encouragement and help in getting my blog going! I was ready to throw in the towel!


Granni P said...

Memories light the corner of my mind. Misty water color memories....who? Childhood is a wonderful thing! I had a good one. Sounds like yours wasn't too shabby huh? It is good to remember. They say that is the most important word in the scriptures and I think it is pretty important in daily living also. When I get my blog going, I will have to join in the song of life lived. Keep blogging. You are my hero. Oh for those wondering, it was Yellow Front, on 4th Ave. I lost Aaron there when he was about 2.

Mrs T said...

You should totally write a memoir. I would read it and I would love it. So would everyone else. Have you read Three Weeks with My Brother by Nicolas Sparks? Read it. You'll love it. Then write your memoir.

Channon said...

Those are great memories! Sisters are so much fun.

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh, I totally remember Fed Mart!! The shelves were lower than normal grocery stores and my mom had the beehive hairdo. I remember being able to find her by looking up and seeing her big hive of hair!! Good times!!

alison said...

Love the memories, adn holy cow, what a cool mom to dress up Asian style and feed you Chinese Food, what a way to teach about different cultures, I love it. Now I feel kinda bad with my boring chicken dinners, my kids are missing out!