Saturday, October 11, 2008

Party at Patty's!

Patty had her annual Halloween Sleepover with the older grandkids Thursday. The rule is you have to be four to attend. My girls seemed to be more excited about this party than Christmas. It was quite entertaining to watch until I took the kids to the party, and Maverick realized he wasn't invited! It took 23 minutes to calm him down and a trip to my mom's. He kept screaming and crying, "Turn around! Go back! I'm going to throw up! I need a potty to throw up in! I want my grandpa! I wanna go to the party!" I've never seen a kid so devistated. So, I had two kids as happy as clams, one kid on the verge of doing himself in, and then I had a one year old wondering what the heck was going on!

The girls had the best time. I will post a pre-party photo to give you an idea of how Patty throws a party! We love to decorate!

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brenda said...

How cute! It looks like fun! I love it! What a super cool Grandma!

Kimmy said...

I second Brendas super cool Grandma comment!
Sorry that Maverick was so upset. Thats no fun for you.

Mrs T said...

Looks like fun. I wan to hear all about it.
Poor Maverick! I can imagine the fit thrown by a child old enough to understand he was missing out.

alison said...

Wow that looks so fun. Poor little Mav, I remember that feeling of wanting to go somewhere with my older siblings and not being able to it was seriously painful, poor little guy.

I Love Your Tee, BABY said...

What a fun little party...I wish Aunt Patty was my Grandma!