Friday, January 7, 2011

Kelly & Company's Visit!

Kelly and Chelsea

Jaime and Maggie (No, she does not have a mullet. It just photographed like one.)

I have been slow to blog about Christmas. I think it's just the overwhelming amount of photos I took that discourages me. I still have to sift through and decide which ones are blog worthy.

I was loading photos last night, and I saw these of my sister, Kelly, her husband, and her kids, and I had to do a post just on them. They came down just for a day to do Christmas. I loved having them and hated to see them go. I appreciate Jaime for missing his grandfather's birthday party for us. I know his family was probably very disappointed.

My sister, Kelly, has grown into an amazing woman. I am so impressed with her and all of the accomplishments she has made. She is the sweetest mom, and most adoring wife, not to mention...a college graduate!!! I'm just a super proud big sister.

I heard my dad saying (bragging?) about his four daughters all being college graduates, and it got me thinking about the different paths we have each taken and where we are now. We are four very different sisters, girls, women, but we are all very close and very loyal.

I was fortunate to see each of my three sisters over the holiday. Best Christmas ever!

I love you, sisters!

Kellumbus and Just Joan

Kellumbus and Dad

Our idea of "crazy faces" is lame.


Kelly said...

Thanks Sister. I'm so happy we could make it, if just for the day. Love the pics (I ripped them off...hope you don't mind)The crazy face is hilarious!

Just Joan said...

Good I going to be able to get the rest of them from you?!?!!??!