Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Funnies!

I hear people say all the time, "Make sure you write that one down, because you will forget all of this one day." I use this blog for that very purpose. Strider said a couple of funny things this last week, and I want to get them down before I forget. Getting old stinks!

1. Strider wanted ANOTHER piece of gum. I told him to quit swallowing his gum. He told me, "It falls down my throat, Mom."

2. Yesterday, I'm standing in my closet wondering what to wear (worst part of my day). Strider is sitting in my closet and asks, "Where does Jesus live?"
I respond, "In Heaven."
He asks, "Where's Heaven?"
I say, "I'm not sure, I guess it's all around us. Jesus is watching us right now."
Strider cuts me off with, "NO! Santa is watching."


Katie Kat said...

Love it! That kid is too funny.

Tina said...

How cute! Now what is the dialogue that goes with the picture?