Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"He's All Boy!"

I took Tiny to Sam's Club today for lunch, and several times throughout the adventure I was told, "He's all boy!"

What does this translate to? Is it some sort of compliment, because they sure present it like one? Is it a passive aggressive way to tell me to control my wild child? Could it just be elderly folks trying to strike up conversation?

Whatever it means, I'm glad he's all boy and not a half of one. What fun would a half boy be? I don't dare tell them there is another one just like him (maybe more boy if possible) at home.

This is "ALL BOY" sleeping. Perfection.


Natalie Lundberg said...

lol...Your thought process makes me laught. What do people mean when they say that? Cute boy!

Lisa Love said...

How funny, I made a post on my blog about Ben being all boy too. I get the same comments and wonder if it is a compliment or not. I know my son like no one knows him and I know how wonderful he is and how much I love being his mother. I'm glad he is "all boy" too. I wouldn't want him any other way. :)