Friday, January 7, 2011

Just Joan's Stay!

Joan comes down each Christmas, and I've been the lucky one to house her most times. We have created some traditions together, and these have become so important and special to me.

-She always takes the kids to look at lights and then eat ice cream.

-She babysits on the eve of Eve, so Bobby and I can go Christmas shopping.

-When we get home she wraps gifts all night long with us.

-She wakes up with all of us at the crack of dawn to open presents with us.

-I always make sure to spoil her rotten, so she'll come back the next year!

Just Joan, I just love having you around.

Guess who? Hysterical.

This photo pretty much captures Joan's entire visit.


Just Joan said...

You do spoil me too much!!! I would come back even if you didn't. Thank you for always letting me stay I love staying with you guys.