Tuesday, January 25, 2011

100% Chance of Crazy!

While talking with my sister, Joan, yesterday about how crazy our parents are I was able to use the adopted card in my favor for the first time.

I usually keep the adopted card hiddeen away. I have been known to bring it out for a "feel sorry for me" moment or two, but for the most part we just ignore that I'm adopted, step, or half to anybody. I just want to be everyone's sister. Normal.

Back to yesterday...Joan and I were discussing some of the nutty things our parents do/did. I laughed and said, "You know with our parents you have a 100% chance of crazy!"

Of course, she responded, "Do you really think your birth parents are any less crazy?"

Well, there's always a chance, right?


Sarah said...

Sabra love the new blog design.

Love the pictures and your post. It made me smile and remember we are all a little crazy somehow at sometime.

Stephanie said...

Is that a marshmallow gun? And a fanny pack?

Just Joan said...

Yes and YES! She ALWAYS has the fanny pack!

Katie Kat said...

Awesome! I love these pics. This is totally our parents. :)