Monday, January 10, 2011

Along Came Polly.

Edna and I have been in business together for a while now. I have learned a lot about her, but I have learned more about myself.

I overheard Edna telling an employee the other day that we needed to replenish our Polly Pockets. I had a free moment on the computer at work today, so I quickly looked on eBay for a lot of Polly Pockets on auction. Here is what I see:

Huge Lot of Polly Outfits: $1.99

Huge Lot of Polly Pockets: $3.99

That is an incredible deal, right? I jump right on it. I'm bragging to all the employees in the room about the great deal I found on Polly Pockets and use the "Buy It Now" option on eBay.

I never even thought to read the item description. After all, I consider myself a bit of a toy expert (owning a play center and all).

I texted Edna right away to let her know I handled the Polly situation, and I impressed her with my sweet find.

Later, I decided to send the seller a message asking her to combine shipping for me. That's when I noticed my enormous error!

The auction was for ONE doll and ONE outfit. If you add shipping in, I spent just about $15.00 on A used Polly Pocket (market value new:$5.00).

I had to laugh at myself. I have been taught this lesson before. I guess it was time to relearn it.

Edna and I compliment each other in that I jump into things without thinking it through, and she'll think about it forever. Most times we meet in the middle and things happen. Special thanks to Edna for just laughing at me when I broke the news. She's so patient with me.

P.S. I know Mom, "Always read the fine print!"


Chredna said...

I'm pretty sure I would have done the same thing! I'm almost positive all her other buyers thought the same thing you did!!!

cookie said...

I don't know Sabra I happen to like it when you jump right when you ran to Alberson's really fast and grabbed that shredded lettuce!!! You saved the day that time :)

Lisa Love said...

Thanks for a good laugh!! I've done things like that with ebay before. I have grounded myself from ebay a couple of times because I get myself into similar situations. :)

Janet Cox said...

Ebay is so tricky...but i would've definitely contacted the seller and told her your grievance and let her know that although you won't leave negative feedback this time...she should change her picture to not be so misleading.
ugh...that's rotten.