Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Morn'!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It's so fun at this stage. Bob decided at the last minute to make a workbench for the boys. It has chalkboard paint on the tabletop and toolboxes to boot. The boys love it. Mallory got new derby skates and Sydney opened a camera. Santa brought Tiny a bike, and Buddy got a basketball hoop (like Zac). Joan was surprised with a Nook, and Bob opened the best surprise of all this year. See if you can tell what it was bythe picture below. Bonus points if you know the first movie he watched.

Bobby's Surprise!

Workbench built by Bob.

Photo that inspired the workbench (taken at my mom's)!

Boops and Buddy starting the process.

New derby skates for Mallory. She outgrew her old ones and has been waiting and waiting.

Strider opening his Batman castle.


Just Joan said...

Bob did have the best time that morning...more so than the kids! You won this year!!

Wendy said...

"If I take one more step-this will be the farthest I've been from home." - Sam Wise