Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Eve!

Each year Patty and Tom host a Christmas Eve party. It's always a lot of fun, but this year had to be one of my favorites.

Bobby and Frank looking at which records they can break this year.

Alexis doing a carpet angel.

Mike was "Bobbied" this year at the gift exchange.

The infamous Santa Bag!

Julia striking her pose.

Mallory and Naomi...I don't want to know what they were smelling.

My awesome, talented, gorgeous, sparkly friend, Denise, and I smiling for the camera.

Three of four Lemmon boys. Where was Jason?

Ashley and Rosely came in all the way down from El Centro.

Carla, Joan, Ashley, and I. Patty was busy. I have no pictures of her or Tom this year. I'm terrible.

My beautiful, hard-working, fun loving, single friend, Carla and myself posing for FaceBook profile pictures.

Sydney and Kay-Lanie all grown up.

My Buddy!


Just Joan said...

Denise stole my blankie!!

Granni P said...

Loved the pictures. It was fun!


I love that Frank and Denise were there with you!!! That makes me very happy (and a little jealous!). Love all your Christmas pics and family times. I miss your whole family! I might be coming to Yuma in May during Spring Break... if so, you WILL know!!